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Positive Growth

Gary Marco helps others gain clarity and achieve success by removing barriers and facilitating change for positive growth.

Is your Business stagnant and not attaining your goals?

High turnover, flatlining profits, internal conflict, lack of organization, no clear direction, chaos can all be roadblocks for businesses.

Moving an organization to a higher level of success requires a transformation: a permanent change in thinking, process, systems, or the culture of a business.

Before any real transformation can happen, the areas of constraint must be identified and broken through. Without that realization and work, permanent change (transformation) cannot happen.

Gary helps organizations identify and lift the constraints that are holding back success. 

Why seek a personal development journey?

Personal Growth requires establishing a starting line and a finish line, awareness, discovering personal constraints and limiting beliefs, transforming your thought process, guiding you to growth, accountability, and expanding your horizons. 

Gary guides you to extreme growth, a higher level of success, and a higher level of freedom.

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Transform Your Legacy

Transform Your Legacy is a passionate and personal account of a man who endured a troubled childhood to find success in life. This book is part memoir and part “How To Manual” on navigating life’s obstacles and overcoming them. A triumphant and transformational journey through gripping and sometimes horrifying circumstances to find self-actualization. It’s an inspirational treasure packed full of deep thought and insight into how people hold themselves back from happiness and success by their own behavior and ways of thinking. This book is also filled with valuable perspectives and easy strategies for overcoming personal frailties and misconceptions. It’s a “go-to manual” on how to resolve conflict in healthy ways. You’ll get so much insight into your own broken thought processes and behaviors that you’ll have trouble putting the book down.


About Gary Marco

Gary is an emerging leader in the personal growth and leadership development industry. He is an American author, coach, trainer, and speaker. His courage, persistence, and ability to overcome adversity helped him survive a poor and abusive upbringing to succeed in life. With a varied and exciting career behind him, he has worked and consulted with organizations as big as fortune 100 companies to small family-owned businesses. He was also one of only three coaches selected nationwide to work with leaders at the Centers of Disease Control.

He has been writing, teaching, and training about leadership development and personal growth for almost twenty years. He is the founder of Thought Innovators and is dedicated to teaching and training leaders by equipping them with the skills to enhance their businesses, corporate cultures and lives.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” -Nelson Mandela

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